I don‘t need to know the notes to play with them. It was with this basic idea that my musical career began at the end of the 90s. 

Influenced by my musical idols, a desire arose in me to make my own music. So I got myself a simple music program and a microphone and thus unknowingly laid the foundation of what would become Electrik Gossip. Artists like Björk, Basement Jaxx, Aphex Twin or Funkstörung, just to mention a few, opened my musical horizon. I developed an affinity for new genres and musical styles.

In 2010 the first official album of Electrik Gossip called At Least I Tried To Be Bad was created in cooperation with Sandro Müller and Michael Kesselring. The admission to the M for MUSIC Demotape Clinic contest was a first success. The songs earned a lot of praise and were lauded by the jury. Then songs of the album were played on Radio DRS3 and first concert offers followed. After another year the album Sing Forward was released and the single A Little More Sad got a record deal with the German label Bad Data Records. This resulted in interesting collaborations with other artists like Princess Superstar (USA) or Heiko Mohr and Y.A.R.N.O. (Germany). 2015 saw the release of the third album Alone, which, as the title suggests, was produced by myself. 

It‘s time to return. The insatiable creative process continues. Ideas need to be captured and implemented. With the new album Electrik Gossip reinvents itself once again. Watch this spot.


2015 Alone | LP
2012 Sing Forward | LP
2012 A Little More Sad | EP
2010 At Least I Tried To Be Bad | LP

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